October 14, 2011

The Opening Act

I have been following numerous blogs in the past year, including some of my very best friends VidaNisha and Alyssa, but it was finally time to step into the 21st century, take to my computer and start my own.... so here I am!!

I have had the infamous "Shoe Syndrome" for awhile now. I guess working at a shoe store for over a year in High School can have that affect on someone. My closet is getting overwhelmed by the myriad of stacked boxes. The picture below was taken at the beginning of the summer, when I moved out of college into my new room at home. (I can't believe 4 years of college went by so fast). Since then, my collection has grown... but more to come at a later date!!

(The Growing Shoe Collection)

In the past several years, I have expanded and turned into quite the compulsive makeup and clothes shopper as well. I guess it is the feeling you get when you walk into a dept. store like Nordstrom and are enveloped with shoes, makeup, clothing and accessories that keep you going from week to week.

Thanks for reading!!

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