October 16, 2011

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

I love that in the past few years sequins have been an ongoing fad. Given the name of my blog, clearly I love things that sparkle and shine. I guess it all started a couple of years ago around New Years when I decided to get a dress for a party my roommates and I were having. Ringing in the New Year is always a HUGE occasion and getting all dolled up is a MUST! I found the cutest little purple sequin dress at Forever 21. I love how sequin clothes look in pictures. They really catch the light and make you stand out.

So since I have so many clothes with sequins, I branched out this summer to Black Sequin Shoes! OMG I am just obsessed! (Caution: Wearing a sequin dress and sequin shoes is overkill. I definitely recommend "one bling-thing" at a time)

I buy shoes from a bunch of different places, but I am definitely partial to Bakers Shoes. I worked there in High School and I really trust their brand. I also am so happy they changed from white boxes to lavender ones. The new packaging really helps their brand look much more upscale. Don't you agree?

I love how my new Bakers Flats that I wear to work. They have a cushion in the front of the shoe that make them super comfortable. My only issue with them is the elastic-gathered heel. The first couple of times I wore them they really cut into the back of my feet and gave me blisters. But most shoes give your feet blisters the first time you wear them, so I can't complain too much.

I could actually live in these sparkly Toms that I bought! I feel like I am wearing the cutest slippers ever! I have worn them to work with dresses, skirts and my skinny black pants. They are so versatile! ...And who doesn't love a great philanthropy?  I love that the brand is committed to matching every pair of shoes purchased with one for a child in need. 

My roommates 22nd birthday is this coming weekend and we are going to Atlantic City to celebrate! We got tickets to see Steve Aoki and I am sooooo excited!!!! Atlantic City is the perfect time to wear these new stunners I purchased from Bakers. These babies are going to spruce up my dress by giving it a needed pizazz! I can't wait to fill everyone in on my weekend getaway!

Till then, thanks for reading!!

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