January 31, 2012

Book Review: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns) by Mindy Kaling

My parents recently bought me a Nook (I returned the Kindle...the nook is more User Friendly). The first book I had to read was "Is Everyone Hanging out with me? (and other concerns) by Mindy Kaling. A couple of months ago, my friend and fellow blogger Nisha recommended it to me and since reading it, I have not been disappointed. Besides being a huge The Office nerd, I am also slightly obsessed with the character Kelly Kapoor. Being half indian, I love when she discusses her relationship with her parents and her brother, it reminds me so much of my family. She brings such humor to every situation and while reading this book, I couldn't stop laughing at her ridiculous stories and lists.

Thinking back to my favorite episodes and quotes from The Office, it always seems to be related to either Kelly Kapoor or Ryan Howard. While reading her chapter about her writing experiences with the show, I didn't realize that most of the writers casted themselves in the show. The characters Kelly, Ryan, Toby and Mose are all writers! Obsessed! 

(Side Note: I am also in love with Dwight's Character... I secretly hope Rainn Wilson is like that in real life.)

So if you have any downtime from your crazy lives, I recommend getting this book to read on the train going to work or before you go to bed. It really is one of my favorites!

Thanks for reading!!

January 26, 2012

Purple Smoky Eye

I have always done a smoky eye, whether black or navy, but I decided I wanted to change it up. I recently bought Twilight Falls from the new MAC Naturally Line. The makeup consultant there told me to try a purple smoky eye using this color and another from the same color family. I recently blogged about the Mac Shadow Winterized (see here) and when I put them together, the colors really pop!

The trick is to use the MAC Fix +!

1. I first apply the paint pot Groundwork as an eye primer
2. Put Winterized on your lid using a dry eyeshadow brush (like the ones below)
3. Then spray your brush with Mac Fix + and re-apply it to your lid (the colors instantly become much more vibrant!
4. Then using an angled eyeliner brush (263 from MAC), cut your crease using Twilight Falls
5. Spray some Fix + on a blending brush and use Twilight Falls on your crease and on the lower half of your brow bone.
6. Finish with some Stila's smudge pot, eye liner, mascara and some lovely fake eye lashes!

(Fake Lashes not applied)

I am in the market for a really good water proof lash glue. Any suggestions?
Thanks for reading!

January 24, 2012

Fave Designer: Rachel Zoe

One of my favorite designers and stylists is Rachel Zoe. I love her 60's and 70's aesthetic, her sequins (of course) and her amazing structured jackets! I also am a huge fan of her show and severely jealous of her life as well as the lives of her employees! I would love to work for her! After looking through her Pre-Fall 2012 pics from Style.com, I decided to share my favorites!!

(Left to Right)
First: My favorite go-to jacket has been my cape (see here). I like the idea of a short sleeved cape paired with a skinny pant and boots. So chic and great for a night out!
Second: The short sleeve jacket paired with flared pants and heels would be great for the office!
Third: I have been in the market for an amazing red jacket and this one is BEAUTIFUL! I need to save up and buy it!
Fourth: The fourth picture would be great for drinks with friends or even sunday brunch! I love those boots!
Fifth: This outfit reminds me of a female Michael Jackson. Amazing sequin shift dress (clearly you understand why I am obsessed with it), some great gloves and booties. Also, those sunglasses are really cute!

What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading!!

January 17, 2012

Fashion Police: Golden Globes

I love award season!! I think my dream job might be fashion correspondent...or on the panel of Fashion Police. (PS: I love you Kelly Osbourne but what is up with the grey hair?)

My Best-Dressed List:
1. Charlize Theron in Dior Couture. I am obsessed with her headband detail and the color is phenomenal! I tried to do my hair like that last night... I need some practice!
2. Claire Danes in J.Mendel. That back is to die for! I was definitely not a fan of her not wearing a bra, but that back made up for it.
3. Zooey in custom Prada. She is soooo adorable! I love that she painted her nails with a tux, it shows her whimsical side! The green beading is so fun and chic. She really nailed it with this dress. My only complaint was her hair. She had these sideburns going on and I just was NOT a fan.
4. Angie in Atelier Versace. Of course she is on my best dressed list, she basically always makes the best dressed list in my book. She has a way with simplicity that is I am clearly jealous of. I am a sparkle and sequin queen, but when it comes to award shows sometimes simple and classic is best. She also really nailed the red lip. Totally jealous!
5. Emma Stone in Lanvin. She is the cutest! I thought she couldn't do better after last years globes with her amazing Calvin Klein dress, but she clearly outdid herself. I really can do no wrong in my book when it comes to fashion. She is a true fashionista and I wish I had half of what's in her closet!

6. Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackermann. First off, I think Haider Ackermann is the "IT" designer right now. He is UNREAL! I wish I could own one piece from his Spring 2012 Line. I die for him! There is something really great about Tilda. I love her androgyny, but she always comes to award shows looking way too mannish. She really killed it this golden globes with this periwinkle number. (I totally hate her peacock hair) BUT her outfit makes up for it.

(Pictures: Vogue)
Who was on your best dressed list?

Thanks for reading,

January 6, 2012

Vegas 1 Year Anniversary!!

I cannot believe it has been one full year since a bunch of my friends and I went to Vegas (Fellow Bloggers: Vida, Nisha, Alyssa, Stef and Angie)! This trip was one of the best trips I have ever been on and cannot wait until someone has a Bachelorette Party so we can go again! We spent 4 days in the Miraculous Mirage and had an amazing promoter, Dan, that took us around to the best clubs every night!

A few memories from our trip...





(On our way to Marquee)

(Pure at Caesars... probably my favorite picture from the trip!)

Since the 1 year anniversary has come, that means we must plan a new trip!! Any suggestions??

Thanks for reading!

January 5, 2012


I have been thinking long and hard about my 2012 resolutions. I know that you should always think about making yourself a better person, but New Years really forces you to sit down and think...

I didn't want to make resolutions that I didn't think I could follow (save the world...stop eating cookie dough ice cream etc) because let's be real, when you are feeling down, a good Ben & Jerry's pint always seems to make you feel ten times better. Yes, I am not the healthiest person in the world and since now, I have been kinda living off a Ramen Noodle every night kind of diet....

Here are my resolutions...

Drink Water: I want to commit to at least 2 bottles a day. I know you are supposed to drink 8 glasses, but I want to ease into it.... also, this resolution means to cut down on the Snapple and Coke. This is going to be my toughest one of all... (I love Raspberry Snapple!)

Relax: Working this past semester was really tough on my stress level. Therefore, I am going to relax and de-stress. I have to lower my anxiety level...I need to let the small things go.

ZUMBA!!: I need to start getting use out of my Wii, start playing Wii Fit, Zumba and Just Dance 3. A fun way to exercise!

Save Money: ... because now c'mon. If you are a girl, you understand how hard it is to save money when you see the cutest thing in the window fronts of a store. Also, the makeup counters at Nordstrom do a really good job making you want to go over and test all the makeup...

What are your resolutions? Thanks for reading!!

January 4, 2012

NYE 2011!!!

NYE was spent at the lovely Jersey Shore. I have been to Jenks several times before, but their NYE party was definitely different than any other time I have been there... Open Bar, Buffet and tons of party favors!

(Eye Makeup for the Night)

Here are some glimpses of the night...

How did you spend your NYE?

January 3, 2012

Christmas Gifts!!

My family, friends and boyfriend were amazing with gifts this year! I am so lucky to have them!!

My big present from my parents was a new GPS! I think they were trying to tell me something.... It is true though; I do get lost quite frequently when going to new places and they hate when I try to use the GPS on my phone.

My sisters got me a Kindle!! It was number 1 on my christmas list and I am soooo excited to use it!
First book on my list: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! I need to read it before I see it in theaters.

I have been wanting heeled loafers for awhile!! (See Here). I ended up getting this beauty as well as a pair in black! They are soooo comfortable!! Thank you Nine West and Mommy of course!

Francesca Bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs): My boyfriend got me this for Christmas and it is amazing!! I have a huge obsession with Marc Jacobs. He got me the bag that matched the wallet I bought 2 months ago at Bloomingdales. 

Ray-Bans Classic Aviator Sunglasses: My uncle and aunt gave me a gift card to Nordstrom and I got my first real pair of sunglasses! I was debating between the Wayfarer and the aviator and although they are both beautiful sunglasses, the Wayfarer didn't flatter my face shape well =( But it's okay, because the aviators are great for me!

My friends (fellow bloggers: Vida, Nisha and Alyssa) and I do secret santa every year. This year Nisha and I had each other and she got me this beautiful clutch large wallet from Zara! She clearly knows me well, since I seriously bleed glitter! It was the perfect bag for NYE! (NYE Post: Coming Soon)!

Thanks for reading!

New Year: New Goodies!

It has been awhile since I have blogged. This past semester has been really tough and time-consuming, with student teaching and taking classes. But the semester is completed and I finally have time to write! Christmas time is always hectic, but sooo worth it! Spending time with family, eating amazing holiday foods and of course opening tons of presents! This year I was definitely blessed with all the amazing stuff I received!

First off, Mac has been killing it this past season with their new products. I was buying so much that one of the Mac consultants told me I should just get my makeup done for NYE!

(Some of the new products I bought in the last month or received as gifts!)

(MAC: Make it Perfect Brush Kit)
(Top to Bottom)
167 SE Brush: This brush is amazing for applying powder or bronzer.
168 SE Brush: As you can tell, I use this to apply blush. The contour allows a clean application to the face. The only downside is the discoloration even after using brush cleaner every day. I guess that's what happens when you buy white brushes.
217 SE Brush: I have only used this brush once for blending, but I am going to try it in the near future when applying creme shadows.
239 SE Brush: Probably my new favorite brush! This brush is super soft and perfect for applying shadow to the lid. This has really been my Go-To eye shadow brush this past month.
212 SE Brush: I have been using this brush to put shadow on my lower lid. After applying eyeliner, I add a bit of Mac's Black Tied right underneath to give some dimension.

Winterize: This is from the Glitter and Ice Mineral Eyeshadow Holiday Collection. I love how I can use this one shadow on my lid and it looks like I blended 2 or 3 different shadows. The color is spectacular and I love how it shimmers!
Red Hot Copper: I just got this shadow on NYE. It is from the Metal-X Creme shadow line. I actually don't own any creme shadows so I can't wait to test this out!!

Cremesheen Glass - Boy Bait: My new obsession! I was never into lipsticks and lip glosses until I purchased this! It instantly makes my makeup complete! I can't wait to get more lip products!

 Any suggestions on more products I should try??

Have a happy and healthy New Year!!! As always, thanks for reading!!