January 26, 2012

Purple Smoky Eye

I have always done a smoky eye, whether black or navy, but I decided I wanted to change it up. I recently bought Twilight Falls from the new MAC Naturally Line. The makeup consultant there told me to try a purple smoky eye using this color and another from the same color family. I recently blogged about the Mac Shadow Winterized (see here) and when I put them together, the colors really pop!

The trick is to use the MAC Fix +!

1. I first apply the paint pot Groundwork as an eye primer
2. Put Winterized on your lid using a dry eyeshadow brush (like the ones below)
3. Then spray your brush with Mac Fix + and re-apply it to your lid (the colors instantly become much more vibrant!
4. Then using an angled eyeliner brush (263 from MAC), cut your crease using Twilight Falls
5. Spray some Fix + on a blending brush and use Twilight Falls on your crease and on the lower half of your brow bone.
6. Finish with some Stila's smudge pot, eye liner, mascara and some lovely fake eye lashes!

(Fake Lashes not applied)

I am in the market for a really good water proof lash glue. Any suggestions?
Thanks for reading!

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