January 3, 2012

New Year: New Goodies!

It has been awhile since I have blogged. This past semester has been really tough and time-consuming, with student teaching and taking classes. But the semester is completed and I finally have time to write! Christmas time is always hectic, but sooo worth it! Spending time with family, eating amazing holiday foods and of course opening tons of presents! This year I was definitely blessed with all the amazing stuff I received!

First off, Mac has been killing it this past season with their new products. I was buying so much that one of the Mac consultants told me I should just get my makeup done for NYE!

(Some of the new products I bought in the last month or received as gifts!)

(MAC: Make it Perfect Brush Kit)
(Top to Bottom)
167 SE Brush: This brush is amazing for applying powder or bronzer.
168 SE Brush: As you can tell, I use this to apply blush. The contour allows a clean application to the face. The only downside is the discoloration even after using brush cleaner every day. I guess that's what happens when you buy white brushes.
217 SE Brush: I have only used this brush once for blending, but I am going to try it in the near future when applying creme shadows.
239 SE Brush: Probably my new favorite brush! This brush is super soft and perfect for applying shadow to the lid. This has really been my Go-To eye shadow brush this past month.
212 SE Brush: I have been using this brush to put shadow on my lower lid. After applying eyeliner, I add a bit of Mac's Black Tied right underneath to give some dimension.

Winterize: This is from the Glitter and Ice Mineral Eyeshadow Holiday Collection. I love how I can use this one shadow on my lid and it looks like I blended 2 or 3 different shadows. The color is spectacular and I love how it shimmers!
Red Hot Copper: I just got this shadow on NYE. It is from the Metal-X Creme shadow line. I actually don't own any creme shadows so I can't wait to test this out!!

Cremesheen Glass - Boy Bait: My new obsession! I was never into lipsticks and lip glosses until I purchased this! It instantly makes my makeup complete! I can't wait to get more lip products!

 Any suggestions on more products I should try??

Have a happy and healthy New Year!!! As always, thanks for reading!!

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