November 30, 2011

Product Rave: Mac Pro Wear Eyeshadow

This has been long overdue!! I am OBSESSED with the Mac Pro Wear eyeshadow, that I ended up going back and getting two more colors!! I love that the eyeshadows are a similar size to a blush and look oh-so-cute in my makeup case!

Thru the Night is a deep navy frost color. I decided to use that on my lid and use Nars Thunderball in the crease (in the picture below). I love the idea of a navy smoky eye because it's such a beautiful compliment to blacks, browns and greys.

Legendary Black shocked me. I expected to only be able to wear it on the outer corners of my eyes given the darkness of the eyeshadow. After trying it out, I realized its more of a dark brown then a true black color and have worn it on my lids numerous times out. It is a really fun color to wear on a night out!

Keep your cool is probably my favorite eyeshadow in my collection. It is a smoky grey/ taupe color and it almost has a satin finish. It compliments so many of my clothes, it always seems like the first eyeshadow I reach for in the morning.

I love wearing these Pro Wear shadows to work or going out on the weekends, because they never seem to fade. Even after a long day at work, my eye makeup looks as good as it did in the morning!!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. You make these dark colors look so good! I think that if I wore this makeup I would end up looking ridiculous by the end of the day!

  2. Gorgeous smoky eyes! love MAC make up!