January 3, 2012

Christmas Gifts!!

My family, friends and boyfriend were amazing with gifts this year! I am so lucky to have them!!

My big present from my parents was a new GPS! I think they were trying to tell me something.... It is true though; I do get lost quite frequently when going to new places and they hate when I try to use the GPS on my phone.

My sisters got me a Kindle!! It was number 1 on my christmas list and I am soooo excited to use it!
First book on my list: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! I need to read it before I see it in theaters.

I have been wanting heeled loafers for awhile!! (See Here). I ended up getting this beauty as well as a pair in black! They are soooo comfortable!! Thank you Nine West and Mommy of course!

Francesca Bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs): My boyfriend got me this for Christmas and it is amazing!! I have a huge obsession with Marc Jacobs. He got me the bag that matched the wallet I bought 2 months ago at Bloomingdales. 

Ray-Bans Classic Aviator Sunglasses: My uncle and aunt gave me a gift card to Nordstrom and I got my first real pair of sunglasses! I was debating between the Wayfarer and the aviator and although they are both beautiful sunglasses, the Wayfarer didn't flatter my face shape well =( But it's okay, because the aviators are great for me!

My friends (fellow bloggers: Vida, Nisha and Alyssa) and I do secret santa every year. This year Nisha and I had each other and she got me this beautiful clutch large wallet from Zara! She clearly knows me well, since I seriously bleed glitter! It was the perfect bag for NYE! (NYE Post: Coming Soon)!

Thanks for reading!


  1. The Marc Jacobs bag is so you! And I'm so glad you like the Zara clutch/large wallet? LOL. Yay!

  2. I LOVE your Marc Jacobs bag and wallet!