February 22, 2012

Fat Tuesday

My boyfriend lives across from Carlo's Bakery (from the show Cake Boss) in Hoboken, NJ. So this morning he went and got me some amazing sugar cookies to celebrate Fat Tuesday! My family celebrated by going to Friendly's for Dinner and eating some chocolate covered strawberries. Now that lent is here, giving up soda and junk food is going to be a challenge, but I guess that's what lent is all about. Is it Easter yet?

(Sugar Cookies)

(St. Patty's Day Cookies... taken from my iPhone before they were all eaten =P)

How did you spend your Fat Tuesday? Anyone go to Mardi Gras in Louisiana?

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Yuumm... I want some of these! lol... I just found you, I will be checking out your adds and sponsors every time I comment. Have a beautiful day!!