February 17, 2012

Indulging in Comfort Food

Sometimes you need to ditch the salads and indulge a little. For me, that has to be homemade chocolate chip cookies. My sisters and I have been making them for years and after all the different recipes we have tried, the best are from here. Simple and fantastic... that's the way to go!

(Instead of melting the butter, set your microwave to soften. This allows a better hold on your cookies.)

(Those bananas in the back are almost perfect for making banana bread!)

(The recipe says to beat the mixture, but a wooden spoon prevents the dough from becoming too fluffy.)

(Spotted: My JETS Flannel Pajama Pants...)

(All ready to eat! My sister's nails are the design from a can of Arizona Green Tea... she's so talented!)

What is your comfort food?

Thanks for reading!!


  1. omg i JUST made these a few days ago!! except the bottoms got burnt ;( yours look so soft

  2. thanks I follow you back..nice blog hun..take care

  3. oo these look sooo good! i have lots of comfort foods, but Ferrero chocolates come to mind right now.
    Very create nails btw, it looked hard to do.
    I'm a new follower here:]

  4. There's nothing better than chocolate chip cookies! Following you back. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the Cute Coats for Under $100!

  5. Oh Nestle Chocolate Chip cookies...how I love you! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your newest follower back :) Hope you are having a great weekend!

  6. those look scrumptious! xx