October 16, 2012

I'm Backkkkk!

I started a new job in June in New York City and have been completely overwhelmed with the new lifestyle. But I am finally settled in and back to blogging! New York Fashion Week came and went in a flash. The amount of people flogging the streets wearing amazing clothing is definitely heightened during this week and I started making mental notes of all the items that I needed to buy. This list became so long that I had to stop after 5 minutes... (Shopaholics Anonymous?)

One of my favorite designers is Tom Ford.... Did you see his Spring/Summer 2013 line? The bondage detailing (a little 50 Shades of Grey huh?), the skirts with zippers (dies) and all things leather! As Rachel Zoe would say "Bananas!"

The video below is a montage to this amazing line and it really is a must see! I wonder if I could get my hair like the models?? I'm intrigued!

What are your favorite Tom Ford pieces?

Thanks for Reading!!



  1. I love Tom Ford too! I can't decide what my favorite pieces are though, there's too many to love!

  2. Fashion with proper beauty looks amazing man. Love to see this stuff. Thanks for sharing it.
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