May 10, 2012

NBC's Fashion Star

(H&M High Waisted Trouser Pants $19.99)

Saying that I am thoroughly obsessed with NBC's hit show "Fashion Star" is clearly an understatement, given all the items I have recently purchased. I was that crazy person refreshing my computer screen at the end of each episode trying to buy the stuff before it sold out. Here is a link to a quick synopsis if you have never seen the show.

(H&M Reversible Jacket $29.95)
(H&M Structured Dress $39.95)

(Macys One Shouldered Dress $169)
(Back: H&M Pleated Dress $39.95)

(H&M Wide Leg, Low-Rise Trousers $24.95)

(H&M Blazer with Lace Details $39.95)

Hope everyone is having a great start to their summer!!


1 comment:

  1. love the floral dress! xx