March 9, 2012

Where Dreams Come True

Spring Break is finally here! I leave tomorrow for Florida and I am SO excited to go to Disney World. Here are some attractions I want to be first in line for:

1. Cinderella's Castle: Besides my dream of living in Cinderella's Castle (even if only for a night), it is the biggest staple of Disney World. I can't wait to watch the fireworks at night.

2. The Dumbo Ride: Well, this is more sentimental than anything. My mom said as a child I wouldn't ride it unless I sat in the green Dumbo. Therefore, I'll have to wait for the green one again this time =)

3. It's a Small World: Again a huge staple for Disney and such a nice relaxing ride after a long day in the sun.

4. Splash Mountain: Nothing says log flume like Splash Mountain. I remember it being the longest flume I have ever been on and having a story to go along with it.

5. Voyage of the Little Mermaid: The Little Mermaid was my favorite disney movie as a child and this new attraction looks incredible. I researched it on the internet and its a 15 minute show. So fun!!

6. Getting Pictures with my favorite characters and princesses: Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, Minnie.... I can't wait!

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